Geographical coasters

‘We would like to have some kind of coasters. You surely can make something good’ – they said, giving me a free hand.

I was thinking some kind of decoupage but I didn’t want to use the old ‘cut a flower out of tissue paper’ method. (Someone please tell me why do they sell table napkins in craft stores – it’s ok, it works well with decoupage but why can’t it be produced in a better size and form?)

I believe that hand made gifts should be practical as well and they should fit to the owner, so I considered:

  • material: be hard and durable enough;
  • surface: somewhat water resistant;
  • colour, pattern: nice, unique and acceptable for men as well.

So I bought cork coasters (IKEA, 12 pieces) which work well and they even reduce the noise of the glasses hitting the table. I found decoupage paper with a map pattern (19th century Budapest) and cut 12 circles of it. I tried to do it so the names of the districts and some streets can be read. Made sure to have one coaster with the area where the young couple lives now. I glued the papers to the cork and put two glue layers on the top as well to make it more water resistant. I think it looks good and the guests can choose on which city part they want to land their glasses.


I wanted to make a box where the coasters can be stored. I found a round plastic box (used to buy sour cream in it) slightly larger than the coasters. I cut the top and an about 1,5 cm wide stripe from the side, wide enough to grab the edges but not too much to lose stability. Then I used a matt yellow colour to paint the outer surface and decorated it with the label of the map.


Materials and tools:
  • cork coasters (12 pieces)
  • map patterned paper
  • decoupage glue
  • scissors, brush


(Magyar verzió: Térképes poháralátét)


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