Old T-shirt quilt

I have recieved a lot of T-shirts as gifts in the past years. They were mostly huge ones not formfitting at all with some script or picture referring to the place where it was bought. I hardly ever wore these T-shirts, just stored in a pile in my wardrobe. I didn’t have the heart to throw them away, they were gifts and in a good condition, but were no use for me. Then I decided to make a quilt out of them.

I didn’t know much either about quilts or sewing. I listened to a short explanation about how to use the sewing machine so I could sew in a simple straight line. I browsed the Internet in the topic and decided on the final technique. If I were to start over I might do it differently but it turned out well at the end.

First I roughly cut the patterned sides of the T-shirts. Based on their size and the blanket I wanted to use for the back I decided to use 30*40 cm rectangles, 4 in each row and column. I used a picture frame of that size as a template to have even shape for all rectangles. The fabric of these cotton T-shirts was quite thin and stretched easily so I bought the kind of padding that you can iron to the back. I ironed them to the back of the rough pieces then cut it to the final size.


The pieces looked good after being cut and ironed. I arranged them on the floor to choose the final order of them, mixing the colours and having the softest one close to my arms. First I sewed strips of 4 rectangles then sewed them together to make the cover. I ironed the back of the seams flat and it made quite a difference, looked very professional.

At this point I stopped for a while because I didn’t know how to sew the cover and the back together. For the back I used a red fleece blanket which was my original bed cover, 170*130 cm, light, soft and inexpensive. Finally I sewed next to the edges of all the rectangles, about 1 cm distance both sides. It resulted almost 30-40 cm between the seams which is quite a lot and they were far from perfect, but it worked. The back was a bit larger than the cover so I folded it to the front to make the edges.

travel quilt

This pic was taken after several month of use and the quilt was washed in washing machine


Finally I got a colourful, soft and unique blanket reminding me of some memories. I loved it in my dorm room where I didn’t have much opportunity to decorate. This quilt followed me to more rooms and was the centre point of all.

Materials and tools:
  • old T-shirts (16 db)
  • fleece (130*170 cm)
  • padding
  • scissors, needle, thread,
    measuring tape, sewing machine


(Magyar verzió: Ágytakaró régi pólókból)


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