DIY Twister game

Once we were talking with my friends what a fun game Twister is. Immediately it came into my mind that I could make one myself.

I used a cotton sheet as the mat, approx. 140*170 cm. It is quite large because I wanted it to suit grown up men as well. I checked if a shorter person – like me – can reach from one and to another. Unfortunately I forgot that during the game you have to do it over several other people’s back so I can’t reach the opposite corner but I still enjoy. The sheet is not as stable as the original mat so it might get wrinkled depending on the floor.


The colourful circles were painted by red, blue, green and yellow fabric paints. The fabric paint can be washed on 30-40°C so it is quite durable. I used up almost all the four little bottles, you might spare some painting smaller circles. I had an old plain fabric bag and painted a few random circles using the leftover paints resulting a perfect holder to my home made Twister.

Twister bag

I needed to get more creative for the DIY Twister spinner. I used an old A4 (21*30cm) drawing board with a nail in the middle. I put a coloured pencil on it and to make the movement smoother put a nut/pearl under. I painted a colour wheel and cut and glued hand and foot prints to indicate which limb goes where. First I thought left and right are obvious but it turned out not so I wrote them on the board too.

Twister spinner

We played a lot during holidays or flatparties. Best to play it with 6 people, when you have 2 left it’s not much sense to go on.

Materials and tools:
  • cotton sheet (140*170cm)
  • fabric paint
  • textile bag
  • plywood
  • paper, tempera, brush
  • pencil, nail

(Magyar verzió: Twister házilag)


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