Cogwheel clock

The target was to make a unique clock suitable for a bachelor apartment. After some browsing and brainstorming we decided on cogwheels.

Clockwork: it can be purchased in craft stores, not expensive. There are different types for different dials – glass, wood, etc. The difference is the thickness of the disc we want to use for the back, I chose glass which is the thinnest.

Back: we needed something strong, thin and of good size. An old vinyl record was perfect, just the middle whole needed to be enlarged a little bit.Decoration: The bigger cogwheels are parts of an old bicycle, we got it from a friend of us who works in a waste management center. They were treated with anti rust agent before use. I saw the little ones in the craft store and just couldn’t resist to buy a few of them. The numbers were cut out of brown cardboard. For the background we used a neatural, light colour to bring out the other ornaments.


The biggest issue was how to fix the metal wheels to the plastic surface. Finally we used glue gun, the same I usually use for making advent wreath. We fixed the cogwheels before we painted the vinyl to ensure best adhesion. We mixed white and goldish-yellow acrylic paint to have an off-white shade because we had them but feel free to use any other light colour. Painting between the wheels was a bit of a bore but not too much. For the smaller cogwheels we used instant adhesive and simple paper glue for the numbers.


Learn from our mistakes and try to place the same weight on both sides so the clock won’t turn:) Since we had more weight on one side we applied a glue tape to fix the back of the vinyl to the clockwork.

Materials and tools:
  • clockwork
  • old vinyl record
  • cogwheels
  • cardboard
  • acrylic paint
  • glue
  • craft knife/scissors.


(Magyar verzió: Fogaskerekes óra)


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