T-shirt for Dad

When you are a girl it can be difficult sometimes to find a gift for your dad, especially when he is very practical. No matter how beautifully I decorate an item if the only thing he can do with it is watch it every day.

This T-shirt is funny and masculine at the same time. Might not fit to work but can work grate at a BBQ party. If you write the year when your father was born the line ‘all original parts’ will have a new meaning.

all original parts

First I thought to use fabric paint but wasn’t sure about its precision and durability so I decided to print the image on the T-shirt. I chose a pattern I liked and drew it on my computer in high resolution. That was the biggest part of it, then I only needed to find a place to print it. There are different printing methods, I preferred the one where they print the ink directly on the fabric, not on a transmission foil, but that can work too.

dad t-shirt

Materials and tools:
  • T-shirt
  • computer
  • T-shirt printing place


(Magyar verzió: Ajándék póló apáknak)


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