Mignon pillow

One of my friends adores mignons. Her birthday was coming up and I decided to give her a gift related to this theme: a mignon pillow. I was holding on some leftover fabric from my T-shirt quilt including yellow and blue pieces. So the size of the pillow is half of a T-shirt, the little pants were not measured just as they felt. I didn’t use the sewing machine because the pieces were tiny and the fabric had the tendency to strech. I simply folded back the edges of the black and blue parts and sewed it to the yellow background. I embroided the letter G to a little piece and sewed it on a bigger one before attaching it the yellow one.


For the eyes I used grey felt and self adhesive felt pads (the ones sold for chair legs). I drew the pupils with a black permanent marker, I fixed the pad on the grey felt and sewed that to the background. Finally I sew two sides with a sewing machine together, filled with sponge pieces and sewed the rest of it.

The eyes are a bit squint and the embroided mouth is crooked on purpose, it makes the mignon more loveable. My friend liked it a lot and keeps it in her bedroom since.


Materials and tools:
  • t-shirt or other fabric (yellow, blue, balck)
  • grey felt
  • adhesive felt pads (or white felt)
  • pillow filling
  • needle, thread, scissors
  • sewing machine (optional)


(Magyar verzió: Mignonos párna)




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