Scrabble upgrade 1.

We like playing scrabble and we do it quite often. Our set is Hungarian buta s a challenge we tried other languages we speak. Well, we only played German once, but English became popular. The problem is different languages use different set of letters and the value of a letter might change as well. With Hungarian letters it is impossible to play in another language. You can buy a new set if you want, but it might be difficult, expensive or just don’t feel like it. It doesn’t need to be another language, you can make a new set if you lost a lot of your tiles. Or if you print the board you get the whole game.

Here you can check the number and value of the letters in different languages.

We thought about two ways to make new tiles and we made the first one so far.

1. Quick and easy method

Materials and tools:
  • paper
  • computer
  • printer
  • scissors


Measure the size of a cell on the board and create same size squares on your computer. There are various ways from excel to any drawing software where you can control the size. Our board has app. 2 cm cells which translates to 9.43 column and 56.75 row size in Excel. Set the cell sizes, type the letters with their value in the subscript and copy-paste them as many times as you need. Arrange the letters so it can fit on one (or maybe two) pages, print it and cut to pieces. Here are our English and German letters before printing:

The original (Hungarian) letters are stored in the original bag. The new ones were put in a match box, I decorated it later with green paper and Scrabble logo.

scrabble letter box

The paper letters fit in a small place, they are easy to carry and can be put in the bag and the letter tray just as the original ones. However, they are less durable and you need to pay attention not to move or blow them accidentally off the board. Despite this, we played a lot with it and it works well. I recommend it to anyone who wants a quick, easy and cheap way to get new Scrabble letters or just wants to try the game before actually buying one.

scrabble game

Of course if you play a lot and want to have a more durable solution or just miss the clinging sound of the tiles, you can search for other solution. I thought of something but it is still in the plan phase. I will post it as soon as it is delivered!

*Update: method 2 is delivered, check it here: Scrabble upgrade 2.

(Magyar verzió: Scrabble kiegészítés 1.)




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