DIY pompons

We had a soccer championship at my workplace and the boys at my department made a team. I wanted to show my support so I decided to cheer them with pompons. There are a lot of ways to make them, I used paper napkins. They are cheap, easy to buy and make quite a real-looking pompon. Not very durable but I didn’t want to keep them for a long time anyway.

I bought a pack of white and blue napkins. One pompon was made of 4 white and 4 blue napkins so you don’t need a huge pack. I folded the napkins out and placed on each other, one white, one blue. I cut about 2 cm wide stripes on two opposite sides (continuous line on the image), leaving the middle intact. Then I folded it like an accordion (dashed line) and tied a piece of yarn on the middle. It took only a few minutes, the rest might be longer, but not more than 15.


Then I folded/twisted the stripes one by one, always in a little different direction. You need to be careful, not to tore the paper but firm to form a thick pompon. I watched an episode of a series while I finished both pompons. At the end I ruffled them a bit and made a loop of the yarn so it can be held or hanged.


My pair of pompons turned out to be a huge success, everyone wanted to grab and shake them. It looked well indeed, it was inexpensive and not too difficult to make. I recommend it to cheering mothers or girlfriends, or it can be part of a costume as well.

Materials and tools:
  • paper napkins (8+8 pieces)
  • scissors
  • yarn


(Magyar verzió: Pompon szalvétából)


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