Tray for beer lovers

I have seen a cool idea on one of my favourite creative blogs, Kifli és levendula (in Hungarian) about making a tray using beer caps. I saw the greatness in this oppurunity because it is always difficult to come up with gift ideas for men.

sörtálca1I already had a tray but how to get 120 beer caps in one month? I spared mine, asked some friends but it was way too little. I even went to a big house party to collect more but everyone drank canned beer! Luckyly one of my friend’s family has a small pub and they set the caps aside for a few days. They weren’t really various but completed with my collection it was good to go.


First I needed to arrange the caps before fixing them on the tray. It can be totally random or organized  – my case is somewhere between. After that I mixed gypsum plaster with water and placed a layer on the tray (choose the type with especially slow setting time otherwise it will harden before you can put the caps in it). It is handy if you lay the caps the same order as you want it on the tray to work fast. I pushed the caps halfway in the plaster then let it dry.

Afterwards it needed to be painted to a masculine black colour. It took some time to go around all the caps with a thin brush, I watched 3 episodes of Call the Midwife. But I think it was worth it.


Materials and tools:
  • tray
  • beer caps (100-150 pieces)
  • gypsum plaster, slow setting (app. 1 kg)
  • black acrylic paint, brush


(Magyar verzió: Tálca sörimádóknak)


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