Scrabble upgrade 2.

Although the paper Scrabble worked fine we wanted to have tiles that are more though. Considering cost and workability wood seemed a good choice.

There were two alternatives: either we cut a thin board to little squares and have a nice surface or we cut slices of a lath and have even sides. We chose the latter one.

Materials and tools:
  • 1 m 20*20 mm lath
  • saw
  • polisher
  • permanent marker


It was easy to get the timber but took some time to figure out how to slice it without damaging the thin pieces. Finally we used a small circular saw but it is possible to use a small hand saw as well just it takes more time with that. The result was not perfect, we needed to polish them after, there was some deformation of the tiles and it got roasted a bit because of the heat. But after a few hours we got 100 (almost) identical little timber tiles. Actually I like the dark parts in it.
scrabble tiles


Then I wrote the letters and their values with a permanent marker on each tile. Put them in a bag and ready to play, just as good as the original ones!

scrabble board

(Magyar verzió: Scrabble kiegészítés 2.)


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