Ribbon pin for bachelorette party

When we go to a bachelorette party it is always a question whether we dress in the same style /color to show we are together or we should just wear whatever is comfortable for us. This bunch of pins was kind of a compromise because it is impossible to find a dress code satisfying more than 10 women. By wearing these ribbons everyone could see we are team while wearing anything we liked.

Materials and tools (for X ribbon pins):
  • safety pins (X pieces)
  • buttons (X pieces)
  • ribbons (X*15 v. 30 cm each kind)
  • needle, thread, scissors


I suggest to buy ribbons in different size, shade and pattern. I chose a 2 cm wide blue satin for the base and some thinner dark blue, transparent white and dotted light blue ones.

ribbon pin ingredients

Cut the ribbons to 30 (or 15) cm parts, fold the longer ones into two. Arrange them in a way to show all of them. The base is the wide satin one, fold it around the safety pin and make a stitch to fix it there. Then stitch through the top of the other ribbons and the button several times. Finish and cut the end of the thread at the back. I made 14 pieces, it took half an afternoon but it was really good to see as they started to line up on my desk. I made the pin of the bride at the end, with a different button and used up the leftover ribbons so got a richer one.

ribbon pin ready

(Magyar verzió: Szalagkitűző)


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