Magazine upcycle

Some tools and materials can be quite expensive. Or you buy something and don’t use it often, it gets dry and should be thrown out. I show you some ideas where all you need is some magazine pictures and glue to upcycle your surroundings.

  1. Chocolate picture

It was inspired by a chocolate advertisement, I liked the colours and the vibe. I cut the pictures and arranged them, put a dark red paper behind and framed it with a simple frame. The pictures fits in my room, the colour matches my bed and curtains and it took less than half hour to make it.


  1. Feminine picture

There was an article about the paintings of Mucha and I liked the sensual, feminine atmosphere. I used cracking lacquer to give a vintage look to the background but any patterned paper would do. I glued the pictures on the background and framed it. It hangs next to my wardrobe eversince reminding me of my femininity.


  1. Little box

I have a little box where I store all the little buttons they give when you buy new clothes. The picture is by a Hungarian illustrator Édua Szűcs, I like her dreamlike drawings. The box got a golden-blue vintage painting.


  1. Photo box

I collected black and white pictures and decorated an old shoe box with them. It looks vintage and I store old photos in it.


  1. Kitchen box upgrade

I used pictures of food to decorate these kitchen storage boxes. The result: nex, exciting, colourful, functional boxes.


(Magyar verzió: Újságpapír felhasználás)


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