Spice labels

There were several spices bags in my kitchen cupboard. There was a set of old spices in little bottles left from the previous owner of the apartment and we never used. I wanted to do something about them and finally I decided what: I emtied the bottles, threw out the old spices, cleaned them and filled with the ones I used. I only needed to get some nice new labels.

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There are a lot of beautiful, colourful spice labels at this blog. It is in Hungarian but you might use the idea. I wanted the bottles to be easily differentiable so I picked different colour for the different spices and extended the label also to cover the original labels. I added the white dots to all of them to have more integrity.

Let’s talk a bit about Photoshop. I am not a pro, but I know that everything is possible just find a way to do it. Here is my way: Pick a dotted background picture with high resolution. draw a rectangle covering the label and play with the blending options so the white dots appear. This way you won’t have border problems when you change the colour of the rectangle. Draw a white rectangle and circle and place the image of the spice there.

I chose the size of the labels to cover the old labels, 3,5*14 cm in my case. I printed them in colours, 10 labels fit on one page. I cut and wrapped them around the bottles and fixed them with scotch tape. It seems durable enough but can be easily removed if I run out of something and buy a different instead.

It looks very jolly, I am glad I decided to make it and whenever I look at them I feel like cooking something:)

(Magyar verzió: Fűszer címkék)


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