Birthday coupon – pregnancy edition

What can you give to a pregnant woman for her birthday?

The obvious choice is baby clothes, toys or other baby stuff. I think they will get a lot of those anyway. And it is the birthday of the parent, not the kid. What do all young parents need? Time and help.

I created a coupon book thet can be used within a year. Some of them are for actual help (grocery shopping, cleaning, baby sitting) while others are about care and quality time (a tray of home made cookies, coffee together, shopping, sport).



I really liked the idea about perforated coupons. It feels so real tearing them out! You need a sewing machine and going through one straight line without any thread. It sounds strange but works and takes less time than expalining it.

I printed the frames for the coupons (empty to give me more time to think about the content), perforated, cut, filled then stapled them. Glued a front and a back page, added a title. (I matted the title piece with a blue paper, baby step towards scrap booking technique.) Used a thin ribbon to fix the stapled part.


It was easy to do it but now I have a year when I have to do all the things I promised:)

(Magyar verzió: Születésnapi kupon babváróknak)


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