Graduation box

People love giving valuable and long lasting gifts for graduation. The range is wide, I have seen books, jewelry and expensive china among other things. But what if you only want to give your greetings, a cookie or a banknote?

graduation box 2

My inspiration was the graduation hat in form of a box that can be filled with any gift of your choice. It is festive and very easy to make at the same time.

Materials and tools:
  • black and white cardstock
  • scissors, glue
  • yellow thread


First I drew a square on the white paper of the size I wated for the bottom of the box. Then I enlareged it with the height of the box (don’t need to be high). I cut it, notched the corners, folded the edges and glued the overlapping parts together. I did the same with the black paper except the size was a few mm larger. I glued a bigger black square on the top to have the right shape.

graduation box 3

The most spectacular part of the hat is the tassel. I made a lot of loops around two of my fingers with yellow thread. I cut one and of the loop and tied the other together, went around a couple of times to give the final shape then glued it to the top.

graduation box 4

I placed a home made cookie and a good luck note in my box but works with anything.

(Magyar verzió: Diplomaosztó ajándék)


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