I started this blog because I am often inspired by other crative bloggers and someone might find an idea here. I do some crafts more or less regularly, mostly gifts or ‘I need a …, let’s see if I can make it myself’ kind of things.

It feels good that quite a lot of people are interested in my writings, especially since it is a personal blog that I only write in my free time. It inspires me to finish the projects I have in my head so I can write more posts.

 Little statistics

500 views, 238 visitors, 23 likes, 2 comments. 42 posts, 21-21 Hungarian and English. Let’s see what is behind these numbers!

What do you like reading?

Some posts are popular only for a few days after published, some are visited over and over. The most popular posts in English are:

  1. DIY Twister game
  2. Cogwheel clock
  3. King size quilt
  4. Scrabble upgrade 1.
  5. Geographical coasters

Where are you coming from?

Google search results, blogs I visited, WordPress dashboard, followers, my Pinterest site, and bookamarks or typing the url are the usual source of the traffic.

The blog is visited mostly from Hungary and the USA. There are 20 other countries but it is hard to tell the nationality nowadays. I believe there are Hungarians living abroad and original citizens as well. Some examples: UK, Philippines, Australia…

In Hungarian or in English?

I’ve been thinking a lot about the language of the blog. Finally I decided to be bilingual. My native language is Hungarian, I can write the best in this language. On the other hand, there are way more people who speaks English and more could read my blog. So I post everything twice, first in Hungarian than in English. If you choose Englsih in the language side bar you will see only the English posts and widgets. After 500 views I can tell both targeted audience are relevant, visitors, followers and search terms show me that.

I hope you are going to stay with me because I have more ideas to come!

(Magyar verzió: 500 megtekintés!)


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