Gummy berry juice (mulberry liqueur)

I had a bowl of fresh mulberries – too much too eat, not enough to make jam. I was about to go to a girls’ night, I thought I would bring some chiks’ drink to the party.

  • half kg mulberries
  • 300 ml vodka
  • sugar (~5 sp.)
  • cinnamon, cloves


Put the mulberries in a bowl, sprinkle with a little sugar and smash it a bit. Put the fruit and their juice in a jar and fill it up with vodka. Some says it can sit there for a month, I only had three days and it was fine. Don’t need to put it in the fridge during these days..


Take a cinnamon stick, a few cloves and boil it with the sugar and a little water. Let it thicken a little. Filter the juice of the mulberries and stir in the spicy sugar syrup. Taste and check if it needs more sugar or alcohol. It should be fruity, the spices are not dominant and it is strong enough not to drink the whole bottle at once but not too strong so you can drink another glass.

Pour the liqueur in a bottle (drink if it is too much:) and store it in a cool place.

mulberry liqueur

(Magyar verzió: Gumibogyószörp (szederlikőr))


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