Baby quilt I. – preparations

When I made the king size quilt I promised next time I would sew a quilt it will be for a baby. Our family is expanding and I decided to make a baby quilt for my future niece. Since it is a big topic, I will publish it in a mini sequence. The first part is about the idea, fabrics and preparations.



  • Pattern: mostly simple blocks, one applied piece.
  • Colours: We know she will be a girl, but I didn’t want to go all pink and girly. The walls of the nursery are yellow so took yellow which works well with white and grey.
  • Fabrics: I wanted to make a lovely soft blanket. For the back and the white parts on the front I used an old bed sheet which is both soft and a cheap solution. I bought the patterned fabrics in fabric and diy stores.
  • Matting: I bought a thinner one so it can be nicely wrapped around the baby.
  • Binding: I bought bias binding tape which I will use for the first time in my life.
  • Size: The size of the crib is 70*140 cm so I designed 70*110 cm. If the quilt will be in a good condition when the baby outgrows it, I will try to enlarge it then.


I washed the fabrics in the washing machine to get over with any deformations. I ironed them to make the cutting more precise. I calculated 1 cm extra for the seams. It is more than necessary but I didn’t trust my sewing would be straight and precise all the time. This way I could adjust later.


Hedgehog is the mascot of the family so it appears on the quilt too. I had in image of a hedgehog, printed it on paper and cut it out. I drew the contours to the back of the fabric (pay attention to flip the paper if you want to have the same direction on the front). I added about 5 mm all around for the seams, drew ot around by hand. I cut the sharp edges and made some notches to make the folding back easier.

The piece wasn’t too big, it had a lot of zig-zags and I didn’t have a sewing machine around so I sewed the hedgehog to the sheet by hand. I ironed the folds and it made my job easier. I wanted to use a button for the eye but that is not too safe for a baby so I only made a few big stitches there.

For the nose I cut a circle, made some big stitches around, filled it with some leftover fabrics and fastened the thread. It made a small ball that I sewed there as strong as I could. I made a little ribbon and stitched to the hedgehog as well.


Next part:
Baby quilt II. – patchwork
Baby quilt III. – quilting and binding

(Magyar verzió: Babatakaró I. – előkészületek)


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