Baby quilt II. – patchwork

When I made the checkered part I cut pieces that are two squares large. (See also the preparations.) I sewed them together on the longer side then cut in half. This way I got two pairs of squares in the same time as making one by one. When you have a bigger blanket or more pieces it worth to use tricks like this.


If you are an experienced seamstress you probably know this, but it makes a lot of difference if you iron the seams, as shown below. It looks more professional and it is also easier to work with the fabric afterwards.


Then I only had to sew the checkered parts to the white straps and the middle hedgehog part. The edges are not even at all but I will adjust them when I finsh the quilt.

Next part: Baby quilt III. – quilting and binding

(Magyar verzió: Babatakaró II. – foltvarrás)


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