Baby quilt III. – quilting and binding

The idea was born, the preparations were done and the top of the quilt is ready. Now comes the part that I dreaded the most: sewing the layers together and do the finishing touches.

The more places you sew the layers together the more durable, washable and professional-looking is your quilt. So it is good to sew or stich as much as you can, but if you are not experienced the more chance you have to mess it up with uneven ends, bulks etc. since the fabrics can deform or the layers slide on each other. Find an optimum.

I chose to sew next to the seams I already had. It is quite common to do so, the lines of the seams help you keep it straight. The hedgehog part was more difficult, I had to rotate the quilt at every spike but a baby quilt is not that big and it came out quite nice at the end. The middle white part was too big not to have more seams so I sewed two straight ones in line with the squares above and below.

baby quilt seams

Once all seams were placed it was time to cut the edges. When I cut the fabrics at the beginning I knew I would have problem keeping everything at place so I cut a bit larger and didn’t worry too much. So I simply cut everything to the largest rectangle possible having all three layers. A rotary cutter might come handy but I don’t have one so just used sharp scissors.

baby quilt trim

The last step was the binding. I bought bias tape but it can be done with a long strap of fabric if you are willing to make it yourself. It was the first time I did this kind of binding (other times I just folded the backing to the front), was a bit tricky but definitely gave a more professional look and I am happy that I learned about it.

There are lot of sites and videos about how to do it (sew it to the back, fold to the front, sew again). My experience: when you sew on the front it is not easy to keep it straight and sew at the right place especially if the edges are not 100% straight and even. My advice is to do it slowly, inch by inch and always check and adjust if necessary. I had to stop and undo some seams a few times when they didn’t go through both the layers and the tape.

baby quilt binding

But it was finished yesterday (I can’t believe!), delivered to the parents who liked it a lot so the little hedgehog girl can be born now, she will not freeze for sure.

You might wonder how much time it took to all together. I can’t say precisely, did it in multiple parts, had some problem with the sewing machine etc. But if you are like me (little experience in sewing, no special equipment) calculate 2-3 entire days if you want to do something similar. It is quite a lot and I don’t feel like sewing for a while but when I see my little niece sleeping under it I will think it worth it.

(Magyar verzió: Babatakaró III. – tűzés és szegés)


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