DIY spice jars

I organized my most used spices a while ago but I still had some in all kinds of bags and sackets. Especially after I recieved a small collection of exotic spices (at least exotic for me). I checked a few sites for buying a set of small spice jars but they were too big and I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on it anyway.

The solution was easier than I imagined: I often buy tomato purée in a small jar, should use the empty bottles of those! Sometimes I keep one or two (they are perfect to take salad dressing with me for lunch) and asked some family members to set it aside for me if they use some.

I still don’t have for all my spices but I started it anyway. I washed the bottles and their caps, removed the paper label and let it dry completly. I printed new labels just like I did in my other post and fixed them with scotch tape at the back. Filled the jars with the spices from the bags and there it was.


The only limitation of these jars is that they don’t have a spreader part so it is more difficult to control the amount you use. But I have mostly whole spices in them, the ground ones are in the other type so it works well for me.

I was so inspired by seeing all these spices I don’t use every day that I had to cook some chai latte right away.


Magyar verzió: Fűszertartó üvegek


Fűszertartó üvegek

fűszer címkék segítségével átláthatóbbá váltak a fűszereim egy időre. Közben azonban kaptam egy csomag – némileg egzotikus – fűszert kis műanyag tasakokban. Szerettem volna valami nyitható-zárható edényben tartani. Nézegettem megoldásokat, de vagy túl nagyok voltak, vagy nem akartam rá annyi pénzt kiadni.

A megoldás egészen egyszerű lett: a kis sűrített paradicsomos üvegeket mostam ki és címkéztem át. Amúgy is szoktam ilyet venni (nagyon jól lehet benne salátaöntetet vinni az ebédhez), volt is pár üres meg szóltam a családban, hogy gyűjtöm őket.

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