Personal organiser hack

You might have been thinking about trying a personal organiser/planner but were concerned about the price. So have been I: what if I spend a lot of money on it then I don’t use it that much or need another type, size etc. Here is a low budget way to try it out and find a system that suits you.

What you need is:

  • any kind of planner or binder;
  • papers to fill;
  • some papers, stickers, washi tape etc. of your stash.

The planner/binder itself

You can get a used one, cheap one, borrow one or use a binder designed for other purpose. The only important part is to have rings so you can change the pages when you want to add or remove pages. The size depends whether you want to carry it with you and how much information you write down.

Mine: I got a used one from someone who got one but found out she doesn’t really need it.

Inside pages

You can buy a set of pages for quite cheap. If you prefer, you can print them to your taste. Or just start with blank pages and handwriting. The content is up to you: days/week calendar, to do list, lists, ideas, timetables, phone numbers, whatever.

Mine: Since it is the end of October, I didn’t want to buy a set of inside pages in vain, I only needed 2-3 month. I flipped through the calendar of 2009 which was inside and found 3 month starting with the same day just needed to cover the name of the month with washi tape and write the correct one somewhere.



Some decoration is needed, either to make you more willing to open it or to make things visible (important dates, tasks; dividers between the different categories). You don’t need special equipment: some coloured paper, scissor, puncher and a pen will do. You can include materials from other craft projects or reuse pictures from magazines, cardboard of boxes, etc.

Mine: no matter how many gorgeous ideas I saw on Pinterest, I stuck with the papers and washi tapes I had. (I have an ongoing scrapbook project so had some). I plan to upgrade my calendar later, when I have more experience using it.

After sorting these things out, you are ready to start your experience. If you need space for something – add a few pages. If you don’t use a part – take it out. If something needs your attention – mark it somehow. At least that’s what I’ll be doing.


Magyar verzió: Gyűrűs kalendárium – trükk kezdőknek


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