GastroGift II. – Vanilla extract (home made)

If you like the taste of vanilla you might look for something more than vanilla flavoured sugars. Real vanilla beans are great but kind of a waste when you cook/bake only a smaller amount. The best solution in my opinion is the vanilla extract but it’s quite expensive and difficult to buy (at least where I live).

Here is an easy way to make vanilla extract at home. Mine is not finished yet but I post it if you want to do it yourself in time before Christmas.


  • vanilla beans (at least two)
  • alcohol (small bottle)

Buy some vanilla beans and cut them open with a knife. Fill a small bottle with alcohol of your choice. I used 200 ml vodka because it has no taste but might work with other kind like rum. Place the vanilla beans in the bottle, cut if necessary. Store it in a darker place and shake occasionally.


I started mine about 10 days ago and it has a light brown colour now. The first few days it smelled more like vodka now it turned more to vanilla. I hope to have a dark brown colour and more intense aroma in a month. Anyway, I plan to leave the vanilla beans inside so the process can go on even after being gifted.

Magyar verzió: Gasztoajándék II. – Vaníliakivonat házilag


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