Advent wreath

Every year I keep the parts of the advent wreath, so next year I can rethink and reuse them for a new one. This year I was inspired by our hiking in the autumn forest.


  • wreath base
  • 4 candles
  • wire or candle holders
  • glue gun
  • acorn, nuts, cones, rosehip berries, small branches, etc.
  • green: ivy, pine


Since the wreath base is from last year and the decoration was to find in the forest, the only cost was the candles and some glue.

It was not tooo difficult to make it: first I placed the candle holders, then I fixed the decorations with a glue gun. I started with the bigger ones (cone, nuts, acorns) and placed the smaller pieces in the gaps. Some green leaves, branches work well, and the red berries also add a lot.


If you run out of space, decoration (or glue, as I did), stop. You can cover the whole base but it’s not a problem if you can see a bit, especially when the colours match.



Magyar verzió: Adventi koszorú


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