Painted brandy bottle

It is often difficult to find a present for men. This bottle will be the Christmas present for a family member of mine who doesn’t really collect material things, but like sensible gifts and can appreciate home brewed brandy (pálinka to be more specific). So if you have a dad/drandpa/uncle with a smiliar taste, this might be a good gift option.

The idea was to give a nice glass painted bottle in which he can store quality pálinka. The decoration was inspired by traditional Hungarian embroideries of the Kalocsa region.

Materials and tools:

  • tall thin bottle
  • glass contour paint
  • glass paints in different colours
  • glass paint solvent (optional)
  • thin brush

Get a tall and thin bottle and clean it inside out. (It should be thin to minimize the evaporation of the alcohol.) Choose a pattern which has more smaller areas to paint rather than a few large ones. It shouldn’t be too detailed though unless you are a glass painting pro – I’m not, so just kept it simple.

Start with the contours. Practise a little on paper to see how much you can handle the curves and edges. Normally I would buy black contour paste but this grey/silver one was on sale and it actually works well. If you mess up a part wipe it immediately with a q-tip or paper towel, especially if you don’t have solvent. Let it dry for a few hours.

Take the paints and fill the contours with the help of a thin brush.


Some advices:

  • Don’t buy a lot of colours if you don’t plan to use it a lot later. A pattern like this takes only a few drops of each. Monochrome can look great too.
  • You can mix colours – I use bottle caps for these small amounts.
  • If you have pattern on more sides wait a few hours until one side dries then turn.
  • Don’t worry if most of the paint is running towards the contour lines. It is because of adhesion and it will give the distinctive look of glass paint.
  • Relax and don’t worry if the pattern is not as beautiful as you imagined or as your drawing on paper. All together it will look good.

The paint dries in a few hours so you can move the bottle but best to wait 24 hours before touching,  wrapping or transporting it.

Magyar verzió: Festett pálinkás üveg


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