Wedding gift – a jar of good wishes

Giving money as a wedding gift is common these days, but what to do when you want it to be more fun than a stuffed envelope?

We sat down with my friends and came up with this idea as our joint gift.

Tools and materials:

  • a pretty jar, a piece of fabric and ribbon
  • banknotes
  • some stripes of paper (one colour or matching colours)
  • pen, scissors, thread
  • optional decoration

First step is to write good wishes on as many paper stripes as banknotes you have. (You can use smaller banknotes to have more pieces.) We wrote things like: love, laughter, harmony, understanding, passion, humour, etc.

Then roll up each banknote, wrap a piece of paper with a good wish around and fix it with a piece of thread. Do it with all banknotes.

Put the little rolls in the jar and arrange them. You can put some extra decoration inside like glitter, pearls, cotton, etc. Since it was a winter wedding, we put a bunch of paper snowflakes in there (made with a paper punch).

Cover the jar, place the fabric and ribbon on the top nicely. You can add a note like “We wish you these and more!”


Magyar verzió: Esküvői ajándék – egy üvegnyi jókívánság


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