52 things I love about you

This idea can be found on various sites, this the way I executed it. It way a Valentine’s gift last year because it is important to let the other person know.



  • a deck of cards
  • 2 metal rings(or ribbon instead)
  • self adhesive stickers
  • puncher
  • printer

First you nood to think through what you love about your partner. 52 things seem a lot at first sight but it really isn’t. It can be appearance, character, habit, things he often does, the way he treats you, things thet matter to him, etc. Start a list (in a notebook, on your phone, PC) and always add if something comes to your mind. It can be more than 52 so you can pick. I tried to include more categories.

I liked the idea when the scripts are on the back of the cards so it has a nice frame. Using cards practicly is about thick paper, a lot on the same size and nice background. And they look fun. I printed the 52 things on self adhesive paper.


I drew a table in Microsoft Word with cells the same size as the labels I wanted to have. I typed the 52 things in there and used a simple but cute font. I used more unique fonts for the front page. The front and the back is infirced with a Joker card each, it also gives a nice pattern for top and back.

I used a simple pincher for the holes. Didn’t think too much, I held the puncher vertically and placed the card inside so the table and puncher keep each card in the same position. Then flip the card and do the other side. No problem if you mistake a few ones, so did I.

The metal rings are from a craft shop. Smaller ones might do as well. I have seen further decoration ideas like antique looking paper and little drawings on each page, but I think it is enough.


Magyar verzió: 52 dolog amit szeretek benned


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