Anniversary scrapbook

Anniversary scrapbook is a heart warming gift and a fun thing to do. There are a lot of sites about scrapbooking (I learned a lot from here) with great pictures and examples. I don’t think I know more than them – but I can give the perspective of someone who did it for the first, but definitely not the last time.

Now I give you some reasons and ideas, next time I will show how to do it without spending too much money on it.


Why to do an anniversary scrapbook?

  • it is a great gift,
  • to summarize a great year,
  • to have a selection of photos you can look at any time instead of browsing dozens of folders on the computer,
  • it is a great opportunity to use your creativity,
  • to have all these pictures and stories you might not remember years later but it is so good to look at them.

What can you scrap about in an anniversary album?

  • places and events you go together– holidays, weekends, one day trips, afternoon walks, weddings, birthdays, graduation, anniversary, Christmas, etc.
  • things you like about the other
  • routines you have together – morning, movie nights, jogging together, etc.
  • things you learned from each other – sport, cooking, games, etc.
  • people in your life – family, common friends
  • place where you live.

In what way is it different from a regular scrapbook?

Actually not much. Scrapbooking about your life and scrapbooking about your life together is quite similar. Of course the focus is on the common happenings but there are other things in your life too – you can include a few pages about just one of you. Not all pages should be pink and decorated with hearts. Since neither of us is a very sentimental person I concentrated on the facts, the fun we had and the pictures.

The part where you can add some romantic ideas are the first and last page and the cover of the album. The first and last page is where you can write an introduction or send a message but if you are not that kind of person or not the (wo)man of words just skip it. A nice photo and the date or occasion is perfectly enough. I left the first page simply blank, on the last I wrote ‘Happy anniversary!’ and put a picture I took when all my papers and tools were all over the apartment to show him how it looked like when he was not at home.

I was thinking a lot about the cover of the album, how to make it nice, durable and not too cheesy. Finally, I cut an old torn pair of jeans to parts and glued it all over. (Original idea from here.) It wasn’t big enough to cover it without showing any seams so I included the seam as a decoration. Glued our clipboard initials on the front (yeah, Creativvita is not my real name:) and decided it will be enough.


Maybe I was brave to start with a 50 pages long scrapbook. But I learned a lot, enjoyed the whole process very much and he loved the album so much that we started a new album together – ok, mostly me but he helps sometimes.

What would you put in an aniversary scrapbook?

Magyar verzió: Évfordulós scrapbook album


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