Spring wreath

As spring is coming, it was time to rearrange my autumn wreath. I kept the base and included a few new accessories and made a simple, lovely, spring wreath.

Materials and tools:
  • wreath base
  • small brenches of catkin
  • dry flowers
  • chipboard
  • glue gun


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Japanese lantern

I always liked Japanese lanterns, made of rice paper and decorated with calligraphy. I made a simple but spectacular version of them.

Materials and tools:
  • transparent paper/vellum
  • felt pen
  • candle


First, choose the pattern you want to have on the lantern. It can be one big or several smaller pieces. If you are not sure about freehand drawing, print the patterns in the right size and use them as templates.

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Japán lámpás házilag

Mindig is tetszettek a japán, rizspapírból készült, kalligráfiával ellátott lámpások. Ennek egy egyszerűsített, ám mutatós változatát készítettem el.

Anyagok és eszközök:
  • transzparens papír
  • filctoll
  • mécses


Először is válasszuk ki a mintát, amit a lámpáson szeretnénk. Ez lehet egy folytonos minta, vagy több különálló. Ha nem a kézügyességre akarjuk bízni a dolgot, akkor érdemes kinyomtatni a mintát a valós méretben.

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Scrapbook on a budget – 10 tips

Scrapbooking is a lot of fun and there are gorgeous inspiratons on the Internet. But you can easily find yourself spending way more money than you expected. Here are some ideas how to reduce the costs but still have a pretty album.

1. Use a lot of memorabilia

Memorabilia are unique, often colourful or have special design, certainly connect to the event and you don’t have to spend extra on them. You can collect them in a box or envelope until including them in the album. Don’t be afraid to cut or partly cover them.

  • tickets (movie, museum, entrance, etc.)
  • leaflets
  • maps
  • wristbands
  • anything with the logo of the place
  • postcards
  • newspaper clippings

Page about running the half marathon – title: medal ribbon, background: map

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