Organize your documents fast&easy

Spring is a great time to sort out some of the mess you collected in the past few month. I started with my documents and added a bit of a creative touch – they look more fun, easier to see which folder is which and I’m more willing to put a new piece to the correct place (instead of tossing everything at one pile).

I use punched pockets/sheet protectors because I don’t bother punching all my documents, I like to have them in different folders and don’t need to see them one by one, just want to have them somewhere. Just needed to upgrade the front page a little.

The method is quite simple and fast, shouldn’t take more time than 1-2 minutes each page. No special material or tool is needed – use what you have:


  • white paper – normal paper will do, you can even recycle and turn the printed part back of a paper you don’t need anymore;
  • colour paper – whatever type and colour you have. I used lefotover children’s school paper which is not of highest quality but perfect for this and comes in A5 size;
  • marker to write with
  • decoration – washi tape, ink pad, ribbon, colour pencils, etc.
  • punched pockets

For each page:

  1. Cut a stripe (~1 cm) of colour paper of the same width as your sheets.
  2. Glue it to the top of the white paper.
  3.  Place the rest of the colour paper on the bottom of the white one. Glue it if you want, but you don’t have to.
  4. Write the name of the folder with big letters. Don’t have to be beautiful, just do it quickly.
  5. Add some decoration to accent the title. I used one stripe of washi tape or ribbon, a bit of inking or que tip dipped into paint to make dots. All took just seconds.


Fill your folders and put them in a binder or just a case. It is a flexible system, if you don’t need a category anymore, just throw it away – it was only 2 minutes of work after all. If you need a new one, you can make any time. Right now I used the categories work, finances, taxes, travelling, health, others.


Hungarian/magyar: Gyors és egyszerű iratrendezés


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