Knitting challenge

My only experience in knitting is that one time my mom showed me how to knit a scarf. She started the first row, I made a second and it was so tight I couldn’t countinue. Never touched a knitting needle ever since – until now.

Some of my colleagues told me about a knitting magazine. For the first issue, they give a pair of knitting needles and some yarn for all the followings. Each issue contains – among several other models – a different pattern for a 15*15 cm square. If you knit all these squares, you will learn a lot about knitting and get a patchwork style balnket/throw.

I took it as a challange, ordered the first packs and completed the first few squares so far. It was amazing to see after the first rows that the piece is growing and had the feeling ‘OMG, I’m knitting!’

It is far easier than I imagined so I encourage everyone to try it, don’t let the fear turn you away. It takes some time though (for me one square is a few hours, but I’m getting faster), but you can knit during a movie, sitting on a train or in a waiting room.


Further parts of the series:

Hungarian/magyar: Új kihívás: kötés!


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