One year old blog

It was about a year ago when I decided to share my arts&crafts on the Internet and started a blog.

One year is quite long talking about blogging for fun. I could tell you numbers, like there were almost 90 posts, 1000 visitors, 2000 page views, 20 followers, etc. When we hit 500 views! I shared some statistics and the main trends didn’t change much.

Instead, I would like to show you which were my favourite projects in the past year. Sometimes I make a craft and that’s it, other times I’m happy to look at it for days, weeks. Let’s see some of those.

Quilts, blankets – I loved each project, either made for my own use or as a gift. Needed a lot of work but it worth it.

blanket collage

Old T-shirt quilt
King size quilt
Baby quilt I. – preparationsBaby quilt II. – patchworkBaby quilt III. – quilting and binding
Knitting challenge

Games –  they were fun to make and we play with them ever since.

game collage

DIY Twister game
Scrabble upgrade 2.

At home – they make me happy when I look at them and proud when my friends admire them.

home Collage

Geographical coasters
Tray for beer lovers
Cogwheel clock
Spice labels and DIY spice jars

Idea collections – I’m always glad when I find one in the topic I’m searching.

collection Collage

Personal organiser hack
Scrapbook on a budget – 10 tips
Japanese themed evening

Wreath – I love the changing seasons, already have some ideas for summer.

wreath Collage

Autumn wreath
Advent wreath
Spring wreath

Recipes – sometimes it’s more than just tasty bites.

food Collage

Chessboard cake
Gummy berry juice (mulberry liqueur)
GastroGift I. – Granola

Gifts – some of the above were gifts too, but these were specially made for the person.

gift Collage

Graduation box
Birthday coupon – pregnancy edition
Painted brandy bottle
Wedding gift – a jar of good wishes
Anniversary scrapbook

These were my favourites of this year, I hope you stay and check my upcoming crafts as well!

Hungarian/magyar: Egy éves a blog


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