Corner box

Corner shelves are practical, so are boxes; corner boxes are even greater. I wanted to have one but couldn’t find the right size so decided to make a corner box myself.


  • strong cardboard box
  • glue, paint, scissors

First measure the shelf to find out the size of the box. I wanted to have a box shaped a quarter of a circle but it proved difficult to make due to the stiffness of the cardboard box. So I choose a similar, but straight-sided version: an octagon.


Practically you take a quarter of a STOP sign. Cut the cardboard box in a way to have that shape (the sides of the octagon are of the same length, you can calculate the rest). Pay attention to the bottom, not to have too many overlapping. (My original box didn’t have a full bottom, but I don’t mind, I plan to keep bags and umbrellas in the corner box, they don’t fall out easily.) Make sure you have enough overlapping on the sides, use plenty of glue and press them together firmly. I used simple hobby glue.


You can use any colour and decoration. I painted it plain black to match the dark furniture. Since it was quite a large surface, I dipped a piece of sponge in acrylic paint and used it as a brush, it is way faster.

corner box

Magyar/Hungarian:Sarok doboz



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