knitting on the bus

How to use your commute time?

Sometimes for a job/school you need to spend a fair amount of time travelling from home to there and then back. But why not fill that time with something useful or enjoyable?

Every day I spend about two hours all together commuting. Luckily I have 20 undisturbed minutes on the metro and 20 on the bus two times a day. Since I go the opposite way as most people, I usually have a seat.

So apart from the usual read a book or listen to music circle I came up with the followings:

Culture and language

Listen to audiobook – good option if you don’t want to carry the book or get sick reading on the bus. There are special sites for downloading audiobooks or just find something on youtube and convert it to audio. (Google ‘youtube to mp3’).
Also great if you want to improve your foreign language skills. In that case pick something you’ve red before for the first time, it will be easier to follow. (I started with Pride and Prejudice in German – Stolz und Vorurteil. I read the book multiple times and watched all movie adaptions so I almost know it by heart. It made my listening a lot easier.)

Small things you have to do
  • check and refresh the entries in your calendar
  • write a shopping list
  • answer your emails
Things you would do at home

There are things you actually do at home, why not do it on your way. Warning: it is only productive if you do it instead of doing it at home.

  • browse social media
  • read magazins (I’ve never read the local free magazin before, but it OK for the road)
  • use feedly app on your phone – it collects the new posts of the blogs you are interested in.
DIY projects

Any DIY project which takes only a small place and doesn’t require water, adhesive (braclets, embroideries, crochet, drawing).

I started to bring my knitting with me a few days ago. Eversince, I knit on the metro and bus and time flies, I’m disappointed when the journey ends. I was getting behind with my Knitting challenge but not from now on! Luckily my pieces are quite small so I can easily throw them in my bag.

What do you do on your way?

knitting on the bus

Magyar/Hungarian: Hogyan használjuk ki az utazással töltött időt?


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