Bullet journal – first 2 month

It has been two month since I set my bullet journal up. Let me share my first experience with you.

Basically, I’m loving it. Love the bright red colour, the smooth paper. Love that it is always there to write down anything. I’m still figuring things out but here are my first ideas – they work for me and can be inspiration for you.

Use it as a progress tracker

It is a great help when I have to give a short weekly report. I look through the entries of last week and there it is. That’s why I make notes of tasks I do immediately anyway so I have a reminder that I did that too.

If your job includes a repeating task probably you don’t want to write it down all the time. For example I review a number of documents my colleagues send me. So I added a box where I put a sign after I did one. So instead of looking at my day wondering what did I do all day I can see I reviewed … documents. If your job includes answering a lot of calls, writing a lot of mails or short documents etc. you can apply this to yourself.

bujo daily spread

Start personalized collections

Some of them are to look them up later, some of them are just to think a topic through. I use it combined with computer files – in an excel file it is easier to copy/paste, rearrange and more deatails fit. But if you need a quick glance good old paper is your friend. They can be quite sepcific but there are some more general:

  • tracking your days off
  • abbrevations used in the office
  • name, room, contact info of your colleagues
  • list of your ongoing projects
  • number/code/name of the most important regulations
  • milestones ahead of you
  • achievements
  • small dictionary – very work specific words in the language(s) you use


Sometimes I want to leave a blank page that I would continoue the collection later and it would be great to have it togethet. But a blank page is quite sad and useless so just went on always to the next page.

Just take any notes in it

Some of the entries aren’t tasks or appiontments but they are often a very important part. Don’t be afraid of writing something down just because you can’t mark it done. If you want to separate, use a sign, different pen or margin.

Magyar/Hungarian: Bullet journal – első két hónap


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