Knitting challenge – update I.

I started to knit about 4 month ago. After the initial euphoria (“OMG, I can knit!!!”) I had a setback mostly due to the lack of time. But since I use my commuting time to knit, I’m back on the track again.

The main idea is to knit a bed cover made of squares with different patterns. I subscribe to a magazine where there is a new pattern in each issue and comes together with a new yarn skein. There are the first 12 pieces:

simple stylish knitting 1-12

As it shows they are not perfect, but that isn’t what I am going for. It is fun and it will be the story how I learned to knit. My technique is not quite sophisticated yet but I started to have a basic understanding about how to start, proceed and finish a piece. I couldn’t imagine there were so many different patterns and there is way to go. (I estimate 56 pieces for the bed cover.)

I completed so far:

  1. Garter stitch
  2. Stocking stitch
  3. Moss stitch
  4. Box stitch
  5. Dubble moss stitch
  6. Cartridge stitch
  7. Bobble stitch
  8. Vertical eyelets stitch
  9. Circle
  10. Broken rib stitch
  11. Plain diamonds
  12. Dubble moss stitch

I keep knitting and will show you the next ones in a few weeks!

Magyar/Hungarian: Kötés kihívás – helyzetjelentés I.


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