Winter wreath

I like to follow the change of seasons on a front door wreath. This year summer turned winter quite suddenly but that’s how it was. I didn’t prepare too much for this wreath, used the stuff I had on hand, mostly leftover white yarn from my knitting projects.



Materials and tools:

  • wreath base
  • white yarn
  • ornaments (acorn, ribbon, pine tree)
  • scissors, glue, tooth pick

I twisted white yarn around the wreath base (use two threads for quicker result) and made a hook from the yarn as well. For the snowman I made two pompons, a bigger one with the help of two cardstock circles and a smaller with a fork. I trimmed both of them for a better sphere shape, leaving the two ends of the middle cord.

Then I tied the bigger pompon to the wreath base with its cords. First I wanted to glue the smaller pompon on top but it didn’t feel firm enough so used a toothpick “spine” for the snowman. The hat was borrowed from an acorn, it is both glued and held by the toothpick. The scarf is a dark brown ribbon.

I had a white pine tree ornament I wanted to use. I fixed it close to the snowman by its clip. Something was still missing so I punched two dark brown snowflakes and glued it around the other ornaments. It made the composition more complete and balanced.

Although we don’t have snow now, when I open the door I feel like I’m in a snowfall aready.:)

Magyar/Hungarian: Téli koszorú


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