Busy-board for little kids

It is always challenging to find a good gift to a little kid and it’s not even sure (s)he will be interested in it for a longer time. I saw the idea of a busy board or tool board and I knew I would make one for my little niece for Christmas.

The main idea is to fix all sorts of locks, hooks, zippers, screws etc. on a board and the kids can play with it and their fine motoric skills improve at the same time. You can buy some tools in a craft store but if you look around your shelves, pantry, basement of attics you will find a lot of useable stuff you don’t actually need anymore. The cost of our version was about 1-2 dollars because we found enough stuff.


Materials and tools:

  • wood based panel (furniture, OSB, drawing board, etc.)
  • tools (lock, hook, ziplock, buckle, screw, watch strap, light switch, carabiner, small lamp, window handle, button, velcro strap, bottlecap, magnet, etc.)
  • nails, hammer, glue, paint, brush, sandpaper, pinchers

When all the tools are collected, arrange them on a board (ours was a 50*70 cm old drawing board). If you find the board too crowded, take out some elements.

Fix the selected tools on the boards, either by nails or glue. Make sure all the edges are treated with sandpaper and there are no wood splinters or nail ends in the way. Check if there is any place (s)he can pinch or scratch their fingers.

After everything is fixed, start the decoration. I used clear, vibrant colours and drawings either related to the tool (eg. water tap) or not.


The board can be used either layed on the floor or rather fixed to a wall or furniture.

Magyar/Hungarian: Matatótábla kisgyereknek


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