Wallet insert with a photo

There is a superstition that when you give a wallet as a gift it shouldn’t be empty to avoid bad financial luck. Either you keep this tradition or just want to place a photo in the wallet of a loved one, it is a fun idea to do it in the form of a real-looking credit card.

Once the idea is there, work with it according to your skills and possibilities:

  • Image processing: whatever software you are comfortable with. If you are not too experienced in this area, it is also possible to use MS Word or Power Point to layer the elements (name of the cardholder, name of the bank, card number, expiration date, background).
  • Printing: it works when you print it on normal paper and glue it on a cardstock, but it is also possible to print it as a photo. The official size of a credit card is 54*86 mm; it is recommended to apply to make sure it will fit in the pocket of the wallet.
  • Sides: the main thing is the front, it is enough to make that side. If you want a more ‘real’ look, make the back as well and glue them together.

My version was made in Photoshop and it was quite simple after I found some online templates like this. I pasted the background photo, corrected the name and other data and printed it as a photo for the best quality. I won’t show you the original one because it is private but made a blog version to show:


Magyar/Hungarian: Ötletes pénztárcabetét ajándékba


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