Bento box ideas 5.

Spring is coming and fresh vegetables make our breakfast or snack more fun. Leftovers from Easter make a nice bento box as well:) The version with rusk/crackers was inspired by not going to the groceries and “having nothing at home”.


Bento box ideas January/February:

  1. bread/bun, grilled chicken, mozzarella, pumpkin spread, olives, radish, dried apricot
  2. rusk/crackers, boiled egg, tuna spread, carrots
  3. bread, ham, camembert, mayo, radish, cucmber, dried apricot
  4. milk loaf, smoked ham, boiled egg, horse radish-yoghurt dip, radish, cucmber

Magyar/Hungarian: Bento doboz ötletek 5.


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