Survival kit for work

I’ve got a new job recently and when I was sorting my stuff at the old place I thought about what things to bring to the new place. First of course just the most important stuff, then some other by time and on demand.

My list is subjective and female office workers can relate to it more.



  • tissues
  • chewing gum or mints
  • feminine products
  • painkiller
  • phone charger

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Refreshing summer drinks

We have been hit by an unusually hot heat wave (40°C~104°F) so an increased fluid intake is necessary. Water can be boring after a while, soft drinks from the store are always too sweet, so let’s try these refreshing summer drinks: homemade peach iced tea and cucmber lemonade!

Peach iced tea


  • 3 pieces of peach
  • a few lemon slices
  • 2-3 bags of black tea
  • sweetener of your taste (optional)


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Wedding greeting card

The most practical gift for a wedding is money I think, the newlyweds spend it on whatever they wish. Money can be wrapped in a creative way but a personalized greeting card can make the couple smile after seeing a lot of flowers, rings and laces – custom accessories for wedding cards.

What you need:

  • white (patterned) cardstock
  • black paper
  • scissors, glue, felt pen

Basic greeting card: cut a rectangle twice as big as the planned greeting card. Measure a banknote to make sure the size will be right. You can leave one side longer and fold it back to make a pocket for money or add the pocket separately. (Cut the pocket part with narrow stripes on two or three sides, fold them back and glue it to the inner right page.)


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3:1 coffee – DIY

3:1 coffee is great when you don’t have the chance to make or buy real coffee. The ones in the store usually contain a lot of sugar and other stuff, their packaging is not economical. A personalized, home-made version is a good choice, it can be a gift even if delivered nicely.



  • instant coffee
  • sugar/sweetener
  • powdered milk
  • other flavouring

Mix all ingredients in a jar or metal box. When use, place 1-2 spoonful in a cup and pour hot water on it.

In my mix 1,5 spoonful of coffee goes with 1 spoonful of sugar and 2 spoonful of milk powder (I like it milky and creamy) and a pinch of cocoa powder. So it is 4:1 coffee already!:)

Magyar/Hungarian: 3:1 kávé házilag

Knitting challenge – update I.

I started to knit about 4 month ago. After the initial euphoria (“OMG, I can knit!!!”) I had a setback mostly due to the lack of time. But since I use my commuting time to knit, I’m back on the track again.

The main idea is to knit a bed cover made of squares with different patterns. I subscribe to a magazine where there is a new pattern in each issue and comes together with a new yarn skein. There are the first 12 pieces:

simple stylish knitting 1-12

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Bullet journal – first 2 month

It has been two month since I set my bullet journal up. Let me share my first experience with you.

Basically, I’m loving it. Love the bright red colour, the smooth paper. Love that it is always there to write down anything. I’m still figuring things out but here are my first ideas – they work for me and can be inspiration for you.

Use it as a progress tracker

It is a great help when I have to give a short weekly report. I look through the entries of last week and there it is. That’s why I make notes of tasks I do immediately anyway so I have a reminder that I did that too.

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