FessNeki újra / Let’s paint again

A múltkori nagy sikerű festő alkalom után újra látogatást tettem a FessNekiben. Mivel a falfelületeink szabad területe korlátozott, a kép ezúttal ajándékba készült. Így két legyet ütöttem egy csapásra: kellemesen, kreatívan töltöttem az időt, miközben egyedi ajándék is készült egy családtagnak.

After the fun painting session at FessNeki last time, I visited the place again. This time the painting I made was to be a gift for a family member, since we are running out of free space on our walls. This way I got two for one: I spent my time in a fun and creative way and a unique gift was prepared at the same time.


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Bento box ideas 6.

I still make bento boxes but I don’t publish them so frequently, let me make up for it a bit. Besides the salty/savoury contents we made an excoursion to the sweet side as well.


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Wedding gift – homemade jars

These days couples prefer to receive banknotes as wedding gift rather than other presents, there is no problem with that. We can try to wrap it up in a creative way or we can attach something that makes the whole more personal.

We were invited to a couple’s wedding who are in love with our home made ketchup. Every time we meet they ask for a jar. It was obvious we were going to give them some ketchup on their big day, not only a jar but a little selection. Instead of ketchup you can think of jam, preserves, syrup, whatever homemade goodie with a relative long shelf life. It can be well personalised and it won’t take up place in their apartment for a very long time.

First step was to embellish the jars. I used some patterned fabric I had at hand and some twine. We made little labels saying “a little bit of happiness”, a little bit of laughter” etc.


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Wallet insert with a photo

There is a superstition that when you give a wallet as a gift it shouldn’t be empty to avoid bad financial luck. Either you keep this tradition or just want to place a photo in the wallet of a loved one, it is a fun idea to do it in the form of a real-looking credit card.

Once the idea is there, work with it according to your skills and possibilities:

  • Image processing: whatever software you are comfortable with. If you are not too experienced in this area, it is also possible to use MS Word or Power Point to layer the elements (name of the cardholder, name of the bank, card number, expiration date, background).
  • Printing: it works when you print it on normal paper and glue it on a cardstock, but it is also possible to print it as a photo. The official size of a credit card is 54*86 mm; it is recommended to apply to make sure it will fit in the pocket of the wallet.
  • Sides: the main thing is the front, it is enough to make that side. If you want a more ‘real’ look, make the back as well and glue them together.

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Bento box ideas 4.

Last month was inspired by some leftover christmas gingerbread, a farm visit and some mediterranean touch to cheer us up in these snowy, rainy days.


Bento box ideas – January:

  1. bread, bacon, cheese, eggplant zacousca, apple, tangerine, gingerbread
  2. bread, pancetta style bacon, cheese, cucumber, mustard
  3. bread, ham, cheese, boiled egg, bean zacousca, cucumber
  4. bread, boiled egg, olives, dried tomato, orange, pistachio

Magyar/Hungarian: Bento doboz ötletek 4.

Busy-board for little kids

It is always challenging to find a good gift to a little kid and it’s not even sure (s)he will be interested in it for a longer time. I saw the idea of a busy board or tool board and I knew I would make one for my little niece for Christmas.

The main idea is to fix all sorts of locks, hooks, zippers, screws etc. on a board and the kids can play with it and their fine motoric skills improve at the same time. You can buy some tools in a craft store but if you look around your shelves, pantry, basement of attics you will find a lot of useable stuff you don’t actually need anymore. The cost of our version was about 1-2 dollars because we found enough stuff.


Materials and tools:

  • wood based panel (furniture, OSB, drawing board, etc.)
  • tools (lock, hook, ziplock, buckle, screw, watch strap, light switch, carabiner, small lamp, window handle, button, velcro strap, bottlecap, magnet, etc.)
  • nails, hammer, glue, paint, brush, sandpaper, pinchers

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