Rosemary cookies (salty)

I wanted to make a little special salty cookie to give it as a present along with a bottle of wine. Rosemary makes wonders with a plain cookie (tried it in chocolate cookie already), I had some fresh branches on hand so chose to use it.

I’ve got a cookie stamp recently and it seemed a good opportunity to try it. But you can’t always use the same recipe if you want to stamp: if the cookies grow during baking the pattern can disappear. Yeast and baking soda are not great choices.


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Overnight strawberry oatmeal


It is strawberry season for oatmeal as well. I sometimes make porridge for breakfast the night before so I just need to warm it a bit and it is good to eat fast. But during summer I feel less like cooking and eating warm things.

This is the time for the no-cook overnight porridge. The main idea is that you make it the night before and the oatmeal softens by the long soaking. (Some people eat it without cooking/soaking/baking but that way it is more difficult to digest.)

Basic recipe: mix

  • oatmeal (fine)
  • liquid (milk, water, yoghurt – add a little more than it looks necessary at the beginning because the oat will soak it in)
  • fruit or other flavourings

put it in the fridge for a night and there it is.


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Setting up a bullet journal for work

I’ve been flirting with the idea of a bullet journal for a while. I’m starting a new job so it seemed the perfect time to make one to take notes of all the new information and tasks. I had a cheap notebook with some hectic jots but I wanted to have a system for it and a more representable – or at least adequate – look. The system will be the bullet journal and my lovely and supporting ex-colleagues gave me a sexy red moleskine notebook as a goodbye gift – that solves the second part.


Professional vs. personal bujo

I’ve been thinking a bit whether I should separate the personal and professional part of my life or combine them. On one hand, it comes handy to keep everything together, in one book, see everything in one blink. It might be a good option too, if you have more jobs, do some sort of freelancing or have your own business.

On the other hand, I don’t think it is professional to open your notebook at a business meeting and showing everyone that ‘Mom’s Bday party’ is at what time on Saturday. Or when you are with friends and want to fix the next meeting and you stare at your work-related notes. That’s why I decided to keep them separate, use the bujo for work, even keep it there. For personal, I have a personal planner and I intend to keep it that way for a while so I can figure out which system works best for me.

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Corner box

Corner shelves are practical, so are boxes; corner boxes are even greater. I wanted to have one but couldn’t find the right size so decided to make a corner box myself.


  • strong cardboard box
  • glue, paint, scissors

First measure the shelf to find out the size of the box. I wanted to have a box shaped a quarter of a circle but it proved difficult to make due to the stiffness of the cardboard box. So I choose a similar, but straight-sided version: an octagon.


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One year old blog

It was about a year ago when I decided to share my arts&crafts on the Internet and started a blog.

One year is quite long talking about blogging for fun. I could tell you numbers, like there were almost 90 posts, 1000 visitors, 2000 page views, 20 followers, etc. When we hit 500 views! I shared some statistics and the main trends didn’t change much.

Instead, I would like to show you which were my favourite projects in the past year. Sometimes I make a craft and that’s it, other times I’m happy to look at it for days, weeks. Let’s see some of those.

Quilts, blankets – I loved each project, either made for my own use or as a gift. Needed a lot of work but it worth it.

blanket collage

Old T-shirt quilt
King size quilt
Baby quilt I. – preparationsBaby quilt II. – patchworkBaby quilt III. – quilting and binding
Knitting challenge
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Knitting challenge

My only experience in knitting is that one time my mom showed me how to knit a scarf. She started the first row, I made a second and it was so tight I couldn’t countinue. Never touched a knitting needle ever since – until now.

Some of my colleagues told me about a knitting magazine. For the first issue, they give a pair of knitting needles and some yarn for all the followings. Each issue contains – among several other models – a different pattern for a 15*15 cm square. If you knit all these squares, you will learn a lot about knitting and get a patchwork style balnket/throw.

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