Doll clothes – fall edition

I believe every woman likes to get a pretty dress, but there are some selfless ones who asks for new clothes for their doll. Since autumn is really here and I have a lot of yarn ends because of my knitting project, I dreamed a fall outfit for the doll.


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Bento box ideas 7.

I was a bit behind with publishing posts, but now I can show you a nice list of bento boxes made in July and August. Besides the fresh veggies and fruits I fell in love with baked tomato.


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FessNeki újra / Let’s paint again

A múltkori nagy sikerű festő alkalom után újra látogatást tettem a FessNekiben. Mivel a falfelületeink szabad területe korlátozott, a kép ezúttal ajándékba készült. Így két legyet ütöttem egy csapásra: kellemesen, kreatívan töltöttem az időt, miközben egyedi ajándék is készült egy családtagnak.

After the fun painting session at FessNeki last time, I visited the place again. This time the painting I made was to be a gift for a family member, since we are running out of free space on our walls. This way I got two for one: I spent my time in a fun and creative way and a unique gift was prepared at the same time.


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Wedding gift – homemade jars

These days couples prefer to receive banknotes as wedding gift rather than other presents, there is no problem with that. We can try to wrap it up in a creative way or we can attach something that makes the whole more personal.

We were invited to a couple’s wedding who are in love with our home made ketchup. Every time we meet they ask for a jar. It was obvious we were going to give them some ketchup on their big day, not only a jar but a little selection. Instead of ketchup you can think of jam, preserves, syrup, whatever homemade goodie with a relative long shelf life. It can be well personalised and it won’t take up place in their apartment for a very long time.

First step was to embellish the jars. I used some patterned fabric I had at hand and some twine. We made little labels saying “a little bit of happiness”, a little bit of laughter” etc.


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