Busy-board for little kids

It is always challenging to find a good gift to a little kid and it’s not even sure (s)he will be interested in it for a longer time. I saw the idea of a busy board or tool board and I knew I would make one for my little niece for Christmas.

The main idea is to fix all sorts of locks, hooks, zippers, screws etc. on a board and the kids can play with it and their fine motoric skills improve at the same time. You can buy some tools in a craft store but if you look around your shelves, pantry, basement of attics you will find a lot of useable stuff you don’t actually need anymore. The cost of our version was about 1-2 dollars because we found enough stuff.


Materials and tools:

  • wood based panel (furniture, OSB, drawing board, etc.)
  • tools (lock, hook, ziplock, buckle, screw, watch strap, light switch, carabiner, small lamp, window handle, button, velcro strap, bottlecap, magnet, etc.)
  • nails, hammer, glue, paint, brush, sandpaper, pinchers

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Winter wreath

I like to follow the change of seasons on a front door wreath. This year summer turned winter quite suddenly but that’s how it was. I didn’t prepare too much for this wreath, used the stuff I had on hand, mostly leftover white yarn from my knitting projects.



Materials and tools:

  • wreath base
  • white yarn
  • ornaments (acorn, ribbon, pine tree)
  • scissors, glue, tooth pick

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Knitted scarf for men

Who would not be pleased with a soft and warm scarf before winter? This scarf was for men is easy to knit, but takes some time to complete. But if you knit while watching a few movies or series episodes time flies and your gift is getting ready soon.

I was tempted to try some advanced stitches of the 30 different ones I tried so far but set my mind to consider the taste of the future scarf owner. So I sticked to garter stitch with a moss stitch border.


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Bento box ideas 2.

As I described last time, I pack a post-workout breakfast box once a week. I don’t always plan ahead what goes in, I’m often inspired by what I can find at home and what is transportable. But I think my compositions turned out well and the feedback was positive, especially when the box included some sort of spread/dip.

I give a preference to seasonal products so fall is represented by grapes, pumpkin/squash, chestnut, walnut, besides the usual ingredients.


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FessNeki / Let’s paint!

A minap abban a szerencsében volt részem, hogy részt vehettem a FessNeki által rendezett festő alkalmon, ahol az alábbi kép reprodukcióját festettük (mellette a saját alkotásom):

A few days ago I was lucky to participate at a painting class held by FessNeki where we painted the reproduction of the painting below (next to it my own work):


Graham Gercken: Őszi délután/Lovers stroll

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