Bento box ideas 5.

Spring is coming and fresh vegetables make our breakfast or snack more fun. Leftovers from Easter make a nice bento box as well:) The version with rusk/crackers was inspired by not going to the groceries and “having nothing at home”.


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Bento doboz ötletek 5.

Tavasz közeledtével megjelennek a friss zöldségek, friss színeikkel feldobják a reggeliket, tízóraikat. Húsvéti maradékok is remekül megférnek a dobozban:) A kétszersültes verzió pedig a nem voltam vásárolni és “nincs itthon semmi” szülötte.


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Bento box ideas 4.

Last month was inspired by some leftover christmas gingerbread, a farm visit and some mediterranean touch to cheer us up in these snowy, rainy days.


Bento box ideas – January:

  1. bread, bacon, cheese, eggplant zacousca, apple, tangerine, gingerbread
  2. bread, pancetta style bacon, cheese, cucumber, mustard
  3. bread, ham, cheese, boiled egg, bean zacousca, cucumber
  4. bread, boiled egg, olives, dried tomato, orange, pistachio

Magyar/Hungarian: Bento doboz ötletek 4.

Bento box ideas 2.

As I described last time, I pack a post-workout breakfast box once a week. I don’t always plan ahead what goes in, I’m often inspired by what I can find at home and what is transportable. But I think my compositions turned out well and the feedback was positive, especially when the box included some sort of spread/dip.

I give a preference to seasonal products so fall is represented by grapes, pumpkin/squash, chestnut, walnut, besides the usual ingredients.


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